Al Ahly player Walid Azaro rips his own shirt in the CAF Champions League final first leg
(Image: Twitter/ابو سولاف)

VIDEO: Al Ahly player rips own shirt in first leg of African Champions League final

Attempt to deceive ref?



Al Ahly’s Walid Azaro ripped his own shirt, supposedly to deceive the referee, during the first leg of the CAF Champions League final against Espérance.

The Moroccan forward played his part in a 3-1 win for the Egyptian side against the Tunisian outfit at the 86,000-seater Borg El Arab Stadium on Friday.

And while the text in the tweet above translates automatically as “Walid Azaro tore up the shirt in order to nest on the referee of the match in a cat shot!!”, we’re not aware that any animals were harmed.