Ajax ball boy throws ball at Roma's Riccardo Calafiori for time-wasting during Europa League quarter-final
(Image: Twitter/Timothy Burke)

VIDEO: Ajax ball boy hurls ball at chest of Roma’s Riccardo Calafiori

Retribution for time-wasting antics.


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— Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) April 8, 2021

An Ajax ball boy hurled a ball at Roma’s Riccardo Calafiori in irritation at the defender’s time-wasting during Thursday’s Europa League quarter-final.

The Serie A side came from behind to win 2-1 at the Amsterdam ArenA in the first leg of the tie, and they used sly tactics to protect their lead in the game’s latter stages.


18-year-old left-back Calafiori followed a ball out of play and was swiftly thrown another to get on with the restart, but he dropped it to kill valuable seconds.

As he approached, the youngster threw a different ball full pelt at his chest, with the player initially looking like he was about to feign injury.