Lionel Messi confronts Bolivia staff member Lucas Nava, with lip-reading analysis from Sergio Agüero
(Image: Twitter/@JuannDis)

VIDEO: Sergio Agüero lip-reads Lionel Messi’s encounter with Bolivia staff member

Threatens to "slap him on his bald head".



Sergio Agüero was on hand to provide lip-reading analysis of Lionel Messi’s confrontation with Bolivia staff member Lucas Nava.

The Man City striker was watching from home while recovering from an injury as Argentina won 2-1 at the Estadio Olímpico Hernando Siles in Tuesday’s World Cup qualifier.


As Barcelona star Messi squared up to Nava after the final whistle, Agüero took to Instagram to reveal what he believed his close friend had said.

According to him, Messi threatened to “slap him on his bald head” – and this clearly amused Agüero, since he followed the caption with a cry-laughing emoji.