A still from the new remake of the milk advert featuring Accrington Stanley
(Image: YouTube/Studio)

VIDEO: Remake of famous Accrington Stanley milk advert from 1980s

Ian Rush makes special guest appearance.



The famous 1980s Accrington Stanley milk advert referring to legendary Liverpool striker Ian Rush, who appears in this new version, has been remade.

Studio are the official sponsors of the new family stand at Accrington Stanley and initialised the project.

In the original ad, a young boy asks for lemonade from the fridge, while his friend opts for milk saying it’s what Rush drinks – and that if he doesn’t drink it, the Welshman said he’d only be good enough to play for Stanley.

This gave rise to the iconic exchange of “Accrington Stanley? Who are they?” followed by “Exactly!”, but this time Rush turns up at the end for a twist.

He points out that it doesn’t make sense anymore, since the side are in League One these days and therefore not as bad as they were back then.