ABC fan holds on to shaking fence at Brasileiro Série C game against Sampaio Corrêa at Frasqueirão
(Image: Twitter/Fuleragem FC)

VIDEO: ABC fan sitting on fence holds on tight as other supporters shake it

Managed to stop himself from falling off pitch-side barrier at Frasqueirão.



An ABC supporter had to cling on for dear life as fellow fans shook the fence he was perched on top of at a Brasileiro Série C game against Sampaio Corrêa.

Overexcited fans created a bustling atmosphere for the Group A clash in Brasil’s third tier at Frasqueirão in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte on Saturday.

frasqueirão lotadooo pic.twitter.com/xjUuj5qc09

— zeca pagodinher (@_yasminpires) July 7, 2019

As ABC were able to hold the league leaders to a 1-1 draw at their home ground, a couple began shaking the fence that lines along one side of the stadium where people are allowed to stand.

One poor man in an ABC shirt, who was sitting astride the fencing, held on impressively as he was thrown from side to side by the motion.

E esse vovô torcedor do ABC? Seguuuuuura!!!! pic.twitter.com/V4XPzVzRTl

— Humor Esportivo (@Humor_Esportivo) August 19, 2019