VIDEO: 14-year-old Clarence Seedorf on Dutch TV gameshow

Clarence Seedorf appears on a Dutch TV gameshow
Clarence… Nice shirt (Image: YouTube/EAcapulco)

See a 14-year-old Clarence Seedorf and his family participate in a Saturday night family gameshow on Dutch TV back in 1990.

The midfielder, who went on to make 87 appearances for Holland, appeared with his mother, father and younger brother on Ted’s Familiespelshow, a quiz show about how well children and their parents know each other.

Already sporting his trademark afro haircut, the young Clarence Seedorf manages to win the not-so-enviable-in-modern-times prize of a remote-controlled, colour television with teletext.

Watch the Seedorfs on Ted’s Familiespelshow, hosted by the famously moustached Ted de Braak below:

Spotted on: 101GG