11-year-old boy does kick-ups while playing trumpet
Clap along... (Image: YouTube/Football Jugglerz)

VIDEO: 11-year-old does kick-ups while playing trumpet

Football Jugglerz wonder kid Jonathan performs Pharrell Williams hit "Happy" while doing keepie uppies.


Watch 11-year-old Jonathan do kick-ups while simultaneously performing Pharrell Williams hit “Happy” on the trumpet.

The child prodigy is part of a group called Football Jugglerz, and this wasn’t his first star turn. Here he is doing keepie uppies while playing the Pink Panther theme on the saxophone:

Here he is balancing a ball on his back while playing the piano:

Here he is kicking a ball backwards up the stairs while holding two others:

And here he is doing kick-ups while solving a Rubik’s Cube: