Twitter Meltdown of the Week: Jamie O’Hara, Wolverhampton Wanderers

Danielle Lloyd
Mrs O’Hara writing her husband’s apology notes for him (Img: SPakhrin)

Following hot in the footsteps of Liam Ridgewell’s rage-arousing photo of him wiping his botty with a wad of £20 notes, Wolverhampton Wanderers midfielder Jamie O’Hara arguably picked the wrong time to hearken back to simpler times…

Things were so much easier when I earned 100pound a week on wts #stress

— Jamie o’hara (@mrjamieohara) December 5, 2012

The feedback began good-naturedly enough with this reply from Liverpool goalkeeper Brad Jones…

@mrjamieohara haha I only got £45!!!

— Brad Jones (@Brad_Jones1) December 5, 2012

…but the ire of the not-so-lavishly remunerated quickly followed, prompting this defensive play from O’Hara…

Why do people think cos I earn good money I don’t have bills to pay we all pay tax an we have mortgages to pay, some people are deluded

— Jamie o’hara (@mrjamieohara) December 5, 2012

Clearly the issue was gnawing at him, as he returned to his smartphone to aim the following broadside at his detractors…

I wonder how many people are doing hospital visits this Xmas or giving clothing to the homeless this winter, or setting up a charity to

— Jamie o’hara (@mrjamieohara) December 5, 2012

Raise money for hospitals Southey can buy equipment that save people lives, u can talk on here but what are YOU doing

— Jamie o’hara (@mrjamieohara) December 5, 2012

This was met with support…

@mrjamieohara You and Danielle do so much for charity! & like everyone else u have to pay gas/electric/water no matter how much you earn!!

— ✨Mobile Sparkles✨ (@xPhoneSparklesx) December 5, 2012

…and cynicism…

@xphonesparklesx @mrjamieohara because theyre in public eye its good publicity. I wouldnt mind paying my gas bill on £20k a week!

— Thierry Richards (@thierryrichards) December 5, 2012

…leading to a bit of a debate…

@thierryrichards @mrjamieohara shouldn’t just have to be in the public eye to give to charity though! There’s plenty of celebs who don’t!

— ✨Mobile Sparkles✨ (@xPhoneSparklesx) December 5, 2012

@xphonesparklesx @mrjamieohara thats not the point. Complaining in public about money when most of us struggle week in week out to pay bills

— Thierry Richards (@thierryrichards) December 5, 2012

@xphonesparklesx @mrjamieohara forgetting his roots me thinks, if i could afford it id give to charity & I wouldnt boast about it on twitter

— Thierry Richards (@thierryrichards) December 5, 2012

…before O’Hara hinted at a complication of sorts…

I really wish I could tell u what the problem was but there’s too many arseholes on twitter, people should worry about there own lives

— Jamie o’hara (@mrjamieohara) December 5, 2012

Jermaine PedantJermaine Pedant says… Their.

Was this a tacit threat to close his Twitter account?

@jclements61 I ask myself that question

— Jamie o’hara (@mrjamieohara) December 5, 2012

O’Hara then reiterated the original bone of contention…

I’m not saying I’m not privileged I’m so lucky to have what I’ve got but trust me when I was 17 on wts it was a lot more easier

— Jamie o’hara (@mrjamieohara) December 5, 2012

…accused the haters of jealousy…

many peeps hating about me earning good money that show how jealous u are, instead of realising the tweet was about how hard life gets

— Jamie o’hara (@mrjamieohara) December 5, 2012

…and finally retweeted the following shows of support…

@mrjamieohara its all about keeping a roof over my kids head and food on the table.

— john faulkner (@JohnFaulkner65) December 5, 2012

@mrjamieohara the song ‘mo money mo problems’ springs to mind!

— Steven Merry (@steve_merry7) December 5, 2012

O’Hara hasn’t featured for Wolves since March and hasn’t trained since August, but manager Stale Solbakken says he is on the brink of a return to the side having recovered from a third hernia operation in a year.

It’s also worth remembering that he’s married to Danielle Lloyd, purely on the basis that it’s worth remembering Danielle Lloyd.

UPDATE: It looks like O’Hara’s coming good on his implied threat to leave Twitter if his tweets this morning are anything to go by…

Had a good think last night and today is my last day on twitter, I’ll be starting a private Facebook account and anyone who is a genuine fan

— Jamie o’hara (@mrjamieohara) December 6, 2012

Can send me a friend request, to many trolls on here with nothing nice to say, sorry to people that actually like following me but I’ll let

— Jamie o’hara (@mrjamieohara) December 6, 2012

U know what my Facebook account is, thanks to my real fans on here it’s a shame that there’s too many arseholes would love to see some

— Jamie o’hara (@mrjamieohara) December 6, 2012

Of them face to face because I’m sure try wouldn’t say it to my face, they’d probably ask for a picture sums up society these days

— Jamie o’hara (@mrjamieohara) December 6, 2012

The Twitter community says goodbye and good luck to Wolverhampton Wanderers midfielder Jamie O’Hara.