TWEETS: Wes Morgan buys everyone a Jägerbomb at Wetherspoons pub

Then goes on to a rock night as title celebrations continue.

Leicester captain Wes Morgan bought everyone a Jägerbomb at a local pub
MERRY: Morgan (Image: paul langley)

Leicester captain Wes Morgan bought everyone a Jägerbomb at a student night at the Highcross, a local Wetherspoons pub, then went on to a rock night afterwards.

The Premier League title winner is understandably in jubilant mood, and his round comprised of no less than fifty-five drinks at a grand total of £140.

Fellow Foxes defender Marcin Wasilewski was also along for the continuing celebrations, which should go into overdrive against Everton on Saturday:

Wes Morgan celebrated winning the Premier League by buying an entire pub a round of Jägerbombs. pic.twitter.com/gUJRCDEAVV

— Squawka News (@SquawkaNews) May 5, 2016

Being with Wes Morgan THE LEICESTER CITY CAPTAIN at the pub OMFG

— TaneshaJoy (@TaneshaJoy) May 3, 2016

Never seen a person so happy as @TaneshaJoy getting a selfie with Wes Morgan

— Emma (@emmalouisebaugh) May 3, 2016

Someone please tell me why I'm sat in Bedford doing my assignment while my mates are at the pub in LC with Wes Morgan

— Eve (@EvieeeK) May 3, 2016

In the Highcross pub with Wes Morgan #LCFC

— Becky Chapman (@beckychapz) May 3, 2016

It would appear they then went on to a rock night at Leicester’s Mosh nightclub:

That awkward moment when Wes Morgan comes to Mosh and you haven't named a drink after him… Morgan's and coke anyone?

— Mosh (@LeicesterMosh) May 3, 2016

Wasilewski at mosh pic.twitter.com/KD7iv48t1q

— JoshJMoore (@joshjmoore_8) May 4, 2016

Knew I'd seen Wasilewski in mosh last night but Joel didn't believe me, smh pic.twitter.com/F7aC6FcDYm

— Hanna (@Hanna_mcfly) May 4, 2016

As we saw recently, Morgan is quite clearly intent on celebrating the unlikely success in some style:

Well played, @Wes5L1nk. Today, there is #OnlyOneCaptainMorgan ! pic.twitter.com/LxMFUOh2Nf

— Captain Morgan (@CaptainMorganEU) May 2, 2016

Awesome! I’m assuming my bottle is in the post? @CaptainMorganEU https://t.co/dwgoIPPmMG

— Wes Morgan (@Wes5L1nk) May 2, 2016

Let me see what my crew can do… @Wes5L1nk #OnlyOneCaptainMorgan

— Captain Morgan (@CaptainMorganEU) May 2, 2016

Cheers @CaptainMorganEU. This is epic #OnlyOneCaptainMorgan https://t.co/L2jvNs3640

— Wes Morgan (@Wes5L1nk) May 2, 2016