TWEETS: Sol Campbell slags off waiter, faces backlash

Twitter hits back at former England defender over public complaint regarding service at Cambridge St Café.

Sol Campbell
POORLY WAITED ON? Campbell (Image: Stefan Schäfer, Lich)

Former England defender Sol Campbell took to Twitter to express disapproval with the service he received at Cambridge St Café, and it didn’t go down well.

Even going as far as naming his waiter, Liam, Campbell faced a backlash from tweeters.

Here’s Sol’s initial tweet:

Such terrible service from Liam at @CambridgeStCafe this morning! I will not be going back there again!

— Sol Campbell (@SolManOfficial) November 25, 2015

…followed by the response from Liam:

@SolManOfficial Liam here. Think we got off on the wrong foot. Would love to make amends. Hopefully see you soon

— Cambridge St Cafe (@CambridgeStCafe) November 25, 2015

But it seems that Sol Campbell’s lingering unpopularity has turned his warning to avoid the café into quite the unintended promotional tool for it:

@CambridgeStCafe @SolManOfficial don't worry Liam. You'd be amazed with the amount of people that get off on the wrong foot with him

— Monkey Sponge (@monkey_sponge) November 25, 2015

@CambridgeStCafe @SolManOfficial he's probably gone to your nearest rivals to get his cappuccino for free.

— Alan (@hotspur423) November 25, 2015

@CambridgeStCafe @SolManOfficial terrible service from Sol during the last 6 months of his contract at Tottenham. #TeamLiam

— Lamisa (@Herrera_Girl) November 25, 2015

@CambridgeStCafe @SolManOfficial pic.twitter.com/wTUyGGVfhY

— Baz M (@barrysbootcamp_) November 25, 2015

.@CambridgeStCafe @SolManOfficial Did he promise you he was ordering a latte, but then at last minute decide he would go for a cappuccino?

— RicheyRevol (@RicheyRevol) November 25, 2015

@CambridgeStCafe @SolManOfficial just don't mention a loyalty card

— jay (@32yid) November 25, 2015

@CambridgeStCafe @SolManOfficial Hope you shat on his food, Liam. #COYS

— COYS News (@CoysNews) November 25, 2015

@CambridgeStCafe having the best morning thanks to @SolManOfficial… you may have lost him as a cust but you just gained thousands more

— Danny Foster (@DanneeMac) November 25, 2015