TWEETS: Ronald Koeman’s Christmas tree has to be redecorated after fans’ backlash

Everton supporters react angrily to predominantly red decorations.

Ronald Koeman's Christmas tree was too red for Everton fans
RED: Ronald (Image: Wouter Engler)

Ronald Koeman’s Christmas tree sparked an angry reaction from Everton fans when he shared a photo on Twitter. The main gripe? Too much red!

It may be a colour that’s inextricably linked with Christmas, but unfortunately for the Toffees boss it’s also associated with local rivals Liverpool.

As such, Koeman’s Christmas tree didn’t go down well with the Goodison Park faithful:

Almost #christmastime #busyfootball#period pic.twitter.com/lppRjY4LfX

— Ronald Koeman (@RonaldKoeman) December 1, 2016

@RonaldKoeman that tree's a bit red and white

— Alex Smith (@alexdsmiff) December 1, 2016

@RonaldKoeman too red that like

— G Summers (@Goodison20) December 1, 2016

@RonaldKoeman Shite tree that, like our team

— jimmy the moonlite. (@jimmycon23) December 1, 2016

What to do? Well, Koeman duly redecorated, removing the red but – perhaps crucially – failing to replace it with blue:

Better colour? pic.twitter.com/oiIeJry2aB

— Ronald Koeman (@RonaldKoeman) December 1, 2016

@evertonfin2 @RonaldKoeman sorry to disappoint you but that's white not blue…

— The GIF King (@brandongMUFC) December 1, 2016

The fuss over Ronald Koeman’s Christmas tree caused much amusement for Liverpool fans:

@RonaldKoeman They made you change the tree? pic.twitter.com/8BqHtBYqyy

— Kevin Logan (@KevTheHuman87) December 1, 2016

Although some Evertonians were apologetic:

@RonaldKoeman so sorry about our fans Ronald.

— Tom Leadbetter (@leads) December 1, 2016

@RonaldKoeman I'm a blue and you should have kept it red. Some fuckin weirdos have such trivial shit to worry about

— Andrew Baker (@andyb4ker) December 1, 2016

Ultimately, Koeman managed to emerge the other side with perspective still intact:

I Think there are more serious problems in the world, than making a big story out of a #ChristmasTree !!!

— Ronald Koeman (@RonaldKoeman) December 1, 2016

But if he lines up with a Christmas tree formation against Man Utd on Sunday, he might just be on the wind.