TWEETS: Cardiff fan gets wrong train back from Sunderland, ends up in Scotland

Eventually makes it home only to realise he's forgotten his keys.

A Cardiff fan got the wrong train back from Sunderland and ended up in Edinburgh

Read these tweets from the Cardiff fan who boarded the wrong train home from Sunderland and ended up in Scotland.

At least Rhys Barrett got to see his beloved City triumph 2-1 at the Stadium of Light before accidentally ending up at Edinburgh Waverley.

He eventually manages to make it back to Wales but appears to draw little consolation from the fact that he’s been in three countries in one day.

To top it all, he then realises he left his keys inside his room and is locked out for two days.

Sunderland away has broken me, only got the wrong fucking train an ended up in Scotland can't be arsed no more

— Rhys Barrett (@rhysccfc_) September 24, 2017

Right barrel of laughs this pic.twitter.com/gtcuJu0uPR

— Rhys Barrett (@rhysccfc_) September 24, 2017

Big mans finally arrived home pic.twitter.com/NiK0QnCdwx

— Ryan (@ryswanborough) September 24, 2017

An too top it off forgot my keys so locked out my room for 2 days 😂😂😂

— Rhys Barrett (@rhysccfc_) September 24, 2017

Ain't got his key for his room either pic.twitter.com/ycZIaebaPE

— Ryan (@ryswanborough) September 24, 2017