VIDEO: YouTubers sleep in Old Trafford overnight before Arsenal clash

Hid in the toilets following official stadium tour.

Two fans were able to sleep in Old Trafford overnight before Manchester United vs Arsenal
(Image: André Zahn)

Two fans without tickets, thought to be foreign students but who later turned out to be YouTubers, were able to hide in the toilets during a stadium tour on Friday and sleep in Old Trafford overnight in an effort to see Manchester United host Arsenal the following day.

After braving temperatures of just two degrees Celsius, the pair were eventually spotted by stadium staff on Saturday morning and the police were called, although they reportedly decided against making any arrests.

The club are said to have launched an internal investigation.

A spokesman told the Daily Mail:

We realise people will go to any lengths to watch a game at Old Trafford but these people went too far.

Another source is also quoted:

You honestly could not make it up.

VIDEO UPDATE: It was a pair of YouTubers who specialise in staying overnight in imaginative places