The camouflage car, Mario Balotelli has Bentley repainted

Mario Balotelli's Bentley Continental GT painted in camouflage colours
Mariouflage (Image: Twitter/Kilt the Octopus)

After the paint was chipped as a Vauxhall Corsa bashed into his prized Bentley Continental GT last April, Mario Balotelli has had the £160k car completely repainted in camouflage colours.

Here’s a picture of the Manchester City striker putting something in the boot while parked.

The camo car has also been been seen elsewhere in Manchester by other kind admirers:

Here is the camouflaged twat wagon that balotelli drove past me in twitter.com/c_edwardMUFC/s… #WhatAKnobHead

— John 27 mufc (@John27mufc) November 12, 2012

Another quality vehicle from Balotelli’s garage was also spotted last week:

Mario Balotelli’s car… #TheMan #DoesntCare twitter.com/J_Flossy/statu…

— jake johnsonnn (@J_Flossy) November 6, 2012