SKY SPORTS NEWS VIDEO: Young Liverpool fan on Suárez – “sell him, he’s a vampire”

Watch a young Liverpool fan comment on the Luis Suárez transfer speculation, saying to a Sky Sports News reporter: "sell him, he's a vampire".

A young Liverpool fan on Sky Sports News comments on Suárez  transfer: "sell him, he's a vampire"
Child… Vampire slayer (Image: YouTube/TheWeirdOddity)

Watch a young Liverpool fan comment on the current Luis Suárez transfer speculation, telling a Sky Sports News reporter that the club should “sell him, he’s a vampire”.

Liverpool have been rocked by the revelation that their star striker, who they have provided with so much support over the past couple of seasons, now wants to leave – possibly for Arsenal.

Sky Sports News would not be doing their duty if they did not have a mosey around Anfield and get some reactions from the fans on the whole sorry saga.

Sensible contributions included:

I think Liverpool have done everything they can for him

Liverpool have been good to him, might be nice if he showed a little bit more loyalty

Not shown any loyalty to us fans who have supported him through thick and thin

Until, finally, the camera focusses on a young fair-haired boy wearing a Liverpool top, who knows his own mind and simply says:

Sell him, he’s a vampire! He bites too many people.

Watch the full Sky Sports News “sell him, he’s a vampire” video below: