Spanish player claims referee tried to ask her out during game

Alleged pick-up line was "Hey brown hair, let's get coffee this afternoon."

A Spanish player has claimed a referee tried to ask her out on a date during a game
FOR THE REF: Red card (Image: Ian Burt)

According to reports, a male referee asked one of the players out on date during a Spanish women’s league match on Sunday.

Sporting Club de Huelva’s Elena Pavel reportedly accused referee Santiago Quijada Alcon of trying to pick her up while the bad-tempered Primera División Femenina game against Santa Teresa was still in progress.

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— Sporting Club Huelva (@sportinghuelva) January 17, 2016

Mirror Online quote Alcon as allegedly having said to Pavel:

Hey brown hair, let’s get coffee this afternoon.

… and that Pavel replied:

Better stick to blowing your whistle.

Pavel later claimed that she thought Alcon was “provoking” her:

I’ve stopped believing in football, in fair play.

I feel helpless, humiliated. In the many years I’ve been playing football I’ve never felt so ashamed.

However, Alcon has apparently denied saying anything to the player, with the local referee’s association saying on Wednesday that it may take action against Pavel following the accusation.