Atlético Mineiro club badge, the stripes of which one fan shaved into his chest hair

Shirtless Atlético Mineiro fan in stands with shirt stripes shaved into his chest hair

Novel alternative to club jersey.


This wins the Internet today and for a long time pic.twitter.com/9hle2u6L3R

— Fernando Duarte (@Fernando_Duarte) August 1, 2019

An Atlético Mineiro fan attended Thursday’s win over Botafogo with his shirt off to reveal that he had shaved the club stripes into his chest hair.

The Brazilian Série A side won 2-0 in the Copa Sudamericana round of 16 second leg match with second-half goals from Fábio Santos and Vinícius.

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— markin (@colemarkin) August 1, 2019

And in the stands, one supporter displayed his commitment to the cause in eye-catchingly novel fashion.

As an alternative to donning the team’s jersey, he had shaved its pattern onto the hair on his torso, making himself stand out from the crowd despite ostensibly trying to blend in.