PIC: Dodgy Wayne Rooney scarf spotted during Man Utd v Southampton

A dodgy Wayne Rooney scarf, spotted during Manchester United v Southampton
Scarf-a-Rooney (Image: 101GG)

See the infamous dodgy Wayne Rooney scarf, spotted by the cameras during Manchester United’s 2-1 win over Southampton at Old Trafford on Wednesday night.

The newly-promoted side went one-nil up within minutes of the start but, despite a strong Southampton performance that built upon this early lead, the deficit was eventually overcome.

Wayne Rooney himself was the scorer of both goals for United and the Premier League leaders secured another vital three points in their hunt for the title, extending the gap between them and Manchester City to seven points.

But this scarf and its Hitler-esque qualities was the real star of the show.

The Rooney scarf was spotted by a keen-eyed camera man on the shoulders of a United fan who appeared to be keeping warm by clutching a hot drink while smothered in cold-weather gear.

Spotted on: 101GG