PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Carlisle United stadium underwater after heavy rain

Ground staff are working hard on a submerged Brunton Park after heavy rain in Cumbria.

Heavy rain caused Brunton Park the Carlisle United stadium to become underwater
CAUSED THIS: Heavy rain (Image: AlmazUK)

Brunton Park, Carlisle United’s stadium, is underwater after heavy rain fell in Cumbria overnight.

The damage became clear from photos taken last night

The road outside the Pioneer Foods Stand – as you can imagine, the car park adjacent is submerged #cufc pic.twitter.com/Qgo6OYJGoN

— Amy Nixon (@amy__1) November 15, 2015

Waterworks End under water tonight but EA have been along and hopefully we are over the worst of it :) #cufc pic.twitter.com/2tjSf2AEgo

— Andy Hall (@cufckit) November 15, 2015

And was obvious in the morning…

Good morning from a wet Brunton Park #cufc pic.twitter.com/hK53HldnPS

— Carlisle United FC (@officialcufc) November 16, 2015

LIVE on #Periscope: Flood water at Brunton Park #cufc https://t.co/aLFnVU5e8K

— Carlisle United FC (@officialcufc) November 16, 2015

Attempts to get the water cleared soon got underway

At 9pm last night you couldn't walk up here due to flood water – looking much better now #cufc pic.twitter.com/qXuEnHSa2n

— Carlisle United FC (@officialcufc) November 16, 2015

Stoke City chimed in

Hey @officialcufc, you may need these new ground regulations 🏊 pic.twitter.com/ZilSaxX4U4

— Stoke City FC (@stokecity) November 16, 2015

But the progress was clear

The ground staff have been working hard all day

LIVE on #Periscope: Working on the flood water at Brunton Park #cufc https://t.co/nNU5GhmhFb

— Carlisle United FC (@officialcufc) November 16, 2015

This pump is having a major impact – flood water took the lead but we are battling back – it's not over yet! #cufc pic.twitter.com/POZIx7WjJU

— Carlisle United FC (@officialcufc) November 16, 2015

And hope has been quickly restored

Significant inroads made – flood water pushed back – our pitch is returning! #cufc pic.twitter.com/AROzu1NdBH

— Andy Hall (@cufckit) November 16, 2015

Great pic from @kjmitchell04 – somewhere over the … there's a place that I dream of … Come on You Blues!! #cufc pic.twitter.com/xNHA1R5D8Y

— Carlisle United FC (@officialcufc) November 16, 2015

LIVE on #Periscope: Amazing stuff at Brunton Park … https://t.co/1Kn4Bzn3a9

— Carlisle United FC (@officialcufc) November 16, 2015