A Manchester United fan has a Marouane Fellaini tattoo on her finger
(Image: Кирилл Венедиктов/soccer.ru)

PHOTOS: Manchester United fan has ‘Fellaini’ tattooed on her finger

Has his name permanently on index finger of her left hand.



A Manchester United supporter has had Marouane Fellaini’s name tattooed on her finger.

A user known as Laura on Twitter has been showing off her finger tattoo on the social network after trying to get the attention of her favourite player, on her birthday earlier this month.


The big Belgian midfielder, who could be on the verge of leaving the club following manager José Mourinho’s recent departure, has his surname written on her index finger.

The left-hand inking has encountered both praise and bewilderment from fellow fans in the online Man Utd community, some of whom have even questioned the authenticity of the pictures.

Rightly so … so I can keep making use of my Fellaini tattoo haha! pic.twitter.com/Q6qIKCQ50K

— Laura_MUFC (@ms_manutd) December 20, 2018

Written in a calligraphic font style, Fellaini’s name can clearly be seen tattooed on the side of her finger.

The Man Utd fan appears yet to have had the effort acknowledged by the player and it’s unclear whether he’s even been made aware of it.