A Norwegian TV reporter was hold a 'honk if you love Solskjær' sign outside Man Utd's training ground
(Image: JESHOOTS.com)

PHOTOS: Norwegian reporter holds ‘Honk If U ❤ Solskjær’ sign outside Man Utd training ground

Scandinavian press had a big grin for each vehicle trying to enter Carrington.



A Norwegian TV crew were stationed outside Manchester United’s training ground on Thursday and the presenter held up a sign saying ‘Honk If U ❤ Solskjær’ as cars approached.

New manager and fellow countryman Ole Gunnar Solskjær took training for the first time ahead of a Premier League clash at Cardiff on Saturday evening.

A Norwegian TV presenter outside Carrington today, with a smile as wide as Solskjaer's: pic.twitter.com/skLKUcefd0

— Samuel Luckhurst (@samuelluckhurst) December 20, 2018

The reporter was filmed by his team, beaming a huge grin at each vehicle that tried to enter through the gates at Carrington.

The Scandinavian country is alight with anticipation of Solskjær’s interim reign at Old Trafford after the Prime Minister herself appeared to confirm his appointment, even before the club’s own announcement.


He’s taken up the job on a temporary basis after Molde confirmed that they’ve “lent” the former player to United until the end of the season.

Sky Sports and the rest of the media have been lapping up every possible piece of coverage of the move following José Mourinho’s removal from his role earlier in the week.

On behalf of Norway, I am truly sorry for this. Please do not honk, even if you do love Solskjær or you’re just horny. Do not encourage our reporters.

— Clausulen (@ClausUlstein) December 20, 2018