Arsenal fan with Alexandre Lacazette tattoo on his bum
(Image: Twitter/The Ranch)

PHOTOS: Fan with Alexandre Lacazette tattoo on his bottom meets Arsenal striker

Long-awaited encounter finally takes place.



An Arsenal fan with an Alexandre Lacazette tattoo on his bum finally got to meet his hero after months of waiting, it has emerged.

Sam Leach tweeted in July that he’d get inked in tribute to the striker should he sign for his beloved Gunners, which of course he did.


At the time, Leach told the Irish Independent:

I didn’t really expect Wenger to pull it out of the bag but I’m kind of glad he has!

I was debating whether to go through with it but I always stick to my word so I decided to

Word filtered through to Lacazette himself, who immediately made it known he’d like to meet the fan in question.


It has taken time to materialise, with Leach perhaps left wondering if it would ever happen at all.


still wondering why Lacazette hasn't got back to me on my Nando's offer :(

— SL (@sxmleach) July 20, 2017

At long last the meeting took place yesterday, on the day that Lacazette scored twice in Arsenal’s 4-1 win over West Ham.

after months of waiting i finally had the time to meet a fan today pic.twitter.com/F9YuzRcwjT

— SL (@sxmleach) April 22, 2018

Here is a video close-up of the Alexandre Lacazette tattoo, which was done at Barnsley studio The Ranch:

The film does the tattoo a lot more justice than the still image. pic.twitter.com/bOY7JeYIFA

— The Ranch (@theranchtattoo) July 16, 2017