PHOTO: Zlatan Ibrahimović lookalike Hristo Hristov

He's a 47-year-old investigative journalist from Bulgaria.

Zlatan Ibrahimović lookalike Hristo Hristov, a Bulgarian journalist
IBRAHIMOVIĆ: Hristov (Image: Johan Kücükaslan)

Meet Zlatan Ibrahimović lookalike Hristo Hristov, a 47-year-old investigative journalist from Bulgaria.

After featuring on a TV talk show in his homeland, the likeness was soon causing a stir on social media:

Zlatan och Janne Josefsson. En hybrid. pic.twitter.com/ZPxr93MVjb

— Johan Kücükaslan (@johankucukaslan) September 23, 2014

Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen caught up with the author of political exposés such as The Secret Bankruptcies of the Communist Regime and quoted the Zlatan Ibrahimović lookalike as saying:

I know very well who is Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He is a national team player for Sweden, has played for a number of great teams and is currently at Paris Saint-Germain Football Club.

I am a serious, investigative journalist and would rather not comment on cases where people in Sweden think that I look like a football player.

No, there have been times here in Bulgaria where people have told me I look like Nikolai Gogol and Johnny Depp.

And it makes me smile.

The writer, who also sports similar facial hair to the PSG striker, has his own website that tells us:

Hristo Hristov was born on the 4th March, 1967, in Etropole.

He began his career as a journalist in October, 1990, as a reporter for “Democracy”, founded that same year. It was a publication of the Union of Democratic Forces, the primary opposition movement to the communist authorities. He specialised as a court reporter and in the 1990’s covered the investigations and trials of those involved in the crimes perpetrated by the communist regime in Bulgaria.

These included the murder of the Bulgarian writer, Georgi Markov, as well as the court proceedings against the director of the First Main Directorate, General Vladimir Todorov, relating to the destruction of files relating to Georgi Markov in 1992. This gave Hristov a wealth of experience, valuable contacts and sources within the State Prosecutors’ Office, the Investigation Services and the Courts.

In 2001 he began work for the recently founded newspaper, “Dnevnik”, where he continues to work at the moment as an investigative journalist.

In December 2002 he spent some time working for the UK Guardian and in 2004 – in the International Centre for Journalism in Washington.