Sam Allardyce as Cheryl Cole did not look a lot like this
(Image: Zoltán Szabó)

PHOTO: Sam Allardyce as Cheryl Cole

Donned full costume singer wore for hit single, Fight for This Love.

This picture of Sam Allardyce dressed up as Cheryl Cole at a charity Christmas party is utterly sensational. pic.twitter.com/KMn9T5wOF6

— Andy Ha (@_AndyHa) January 23, 2017

Finally, as described in his book, see Sam Allardyce as Cheryl Cole, performing at a Cancer Research ball held by The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood.

Complete with ripped trousers and a headset microphone, Allardyce appears to have donned the full costume the singer wore for her hit single, Fight for This Love.

Writing in Big Sam, The Autobiography, the now Crystal Palace coach said:

For the past 25 years my mate Ronnie Wood has held a Cancer Research ball at Christmas to raise funds, and most years I do a turn.

I’ve done Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson — my finest effort as I squeezed into some very tight black pants and nailed the Moonwalk.

We did the Peter Kay version of Amarillo with Sammy Lee knowing just what role he would be.

“I bet I have to be Ronnie Corbett,” he said with a sigh of resignation.

He did and was brilliant. He got the moment he falls to a tee.

We did Riverdance and I’ve even dressed up as Cheryl Cole and a character from Hairspray. Strangely my mates thought I was a little too keen to dress as a woman.

Investigators are presumably still searching for photos of the former England manager at the other events.