Rio Ferdinand took a picture of himself holding his middle finger up after being asked for a photo with a young Liverpool fan
(Image: Walterlan Papetti)

PHOTOS: Liverpool fan asks Rio Ferdinand to take a picture of him and his child

Two quite different shots provided by BT Sport pundit at the Emirates.



Former Manchester United player Rio Ferdinand is said to have have taken a photo of himself holding his middle finger up after cheekily being asked to take a picture of a Liverpool fan and his young son at The Emirates on Saturday.

A Liverpool supporter brought his child to their clash with Arsenal and encountered the BT Sport pundit, who was covering the Premier League match.

Seizing the opportunity, the man said he “called Rio Ferdinand over and said is he ok for a quick photo with the little man” and then “passed him my phone and said it’s one tap on the middle button”.

Joe Jaggar posted two photos on Twitter, one of him holding his young son and another of Rio Ferdinand swearing at the camera.

He went on to jokingly blame the rivalry that exists between the two sides, before being forced to explain:


While others have contributed their own stories:

I did this to Skrtel, asked him same ok for a pic he said ye passed him my phone and grabbed Gerrard haha

— CG (@CMG432) November 3, 2018