A fan carved the Rangers club crest into a pumpkin for Halloween

PHOTO: Rangers fan carves club crest into pumpkin for Halloween

Ready for the holiday.


Took me all day but it was worth the effort pic.twitter.com/N5dPolK12d

— Halfwaybear (@Halfwaybear) October 27, 2018

One proud supporter is ready for Halloween after carving the Rangers club crest into a carefully decorated pumpkin.

The artistic Rangers fan showed off his jack-o’-lantern for the upcoming holiday, lit up with a flickering flame inside as is tradition.

The pumpkin was proudly displayed on Twitter in support for the the Scottish League Cup semi-finalists, although:

Apologies to the artistic brother who actually took all day and did this. What an effort.

— Halfwaybear (@Halfwaybear) October 27, 2018