Photo of Giorgio Chiellini’s girlfriend included with his Suárez statement

Defender reportedly attached photo of her in a swimsuit to his report on the Brazil 2014 incident.

A photo of Giorgio Chiellini's girlfriend was included by the Italian defender with his statement on the Suárez biting incident
SHOCKED THE SWISS: Chiellini (Image: Roberto Vicario)

A photo of Giorgio Chiellini’s girlfriend in a swimsuit was reportedly included by the Italian defender with his statement after being infamously bitten by Luis Suárez at World Cup finals in Brazil.

Supposedly claiming that the incident in 2014 “was like a kiss I give to my girlfriend”, Chiellini apparently found it necessary to attach a raunchy picture of the “spectacular” Carolina Bonistalli which is said to have “shocked” the Swiss.

FIFA Disciplinary Court judge Fernando Mitjans is reported as saying:

Mitjans (judge Fifa): "Suarez case was legal madness. They took into account things he did in Holland, in England, and in Brazil." [fox]

— barcastuff (@barcastuff) September 24, 2015

Mitjans (judge Fifa): "Chiellini told us: it was nothing, it was like a kiss I give my girlfriend. I exaggerated to get Suarez sent off."

— barcastuff (@barcastuff) September 24, 2015

note: fifa judge says chiellini added a pic of his "spectacular" girlfriend in swimsuit to his statement (by mail), "the swiss were shocked"

— barcastuff (@barcastuff) September 24, 2015