Minnesota United's Ján Greguš broke the wing mirror on his car with a shot in training
(Image: ROLU)

PHOTO: Minnesota United player breaks wing mirror on own car with wayward shot in training

Damaged vehicle in the car park.

Photo: Poor Jan Gregus. During a finishing drill, the #MNUFC midfielder’s errant shot sailed into the players’ parking lot and knocked off the review mirror casing on his own SUV. Whoops. pic.twitter.com/DdCq2eJCAE

— Andy Greder (@andygreder) May 1, 2019

Minnesota United’s Ján Greguš managed to hit his own car from the training pitch with a wild attempt on goal that broke its wing mirror.

A finishing session was taking place at the National Sports Center in Blaine, where Greguš’s car was parked in a spot reserved for players.

Yup. What are the odds, right?!

— Andy Greder (@andygreder) May 1, 2019

During the practice, apparently one of the 28-year-old Slovakian midfielder’s shots flew into the car park and landed a direct hit on his own car.

A reporter shared a picture of the damage to his SUV online – a smashed wing mirror – to which the club and his teammates soon reacted.