Sergio Ramos looking shocked as he would if he saw the Man Utd fan with a Ramos 18 Kiev shirt
(Image: Ruben Ortega)

PHOTOS: Man with ‘Ramos 18 Kiev’ Manchester United shirt spotted again

This time wearing it while waiting at a bus stop before later appearing at Old Trafford.



The Manchester United fan in possession of a replica shirt with ‘Ramos’ above the number 18 on the back and ‘Kiev’ written below it, has been seen again.

Many Liverpool fans pinned the blame on Sergio Ramos for what some saw as unjust defeat in the 2018 Champions League final, following the Real Madrid defender’s involvement in injuries to star player Mo Salah and goalkeeper Loris Karius.

The man has previously been seen out and about with his Ramos 18 Kiev Manchester United shirt and appears to still be parading it around town.

This time, he was snapped with it proudly on display while waiting at what looks like a bus stop before later appearing at Old Trafford for United’s Champions League clash with Juventus on Tuesday night:

Looking forward to Manchester United winning the ‘Sergio Ramos injured Mo Salah’ trophy pic.twitter.com/ihJtCRttv1

— FootballJOE (@FootballJOE) October 23, 2018