A fan of the goalkeeper was spotted wearing full Alisson Liverpool kit while walking around with his luggage
(Image: Granada)

PHOTO: Man wears full Alisson Becker Liverpool goalkeeper kit while walking through city

Holds his luggage with goalkeeper gloves.



A man has been spotted wearing full Alisson Becker Liverpool goalkeeper kit while out in public, pulling his luggage alongside him.

The fan, seen from behind as he strolls past members of the public browsing market stalls, wears the full look in the photo that has emerged.

The outfit is completed with team shorts and socks added to the Alisson shirt, as well as goalkeeper gloves and football boots.

What’s in his case ? His dignity ?

— Paul Harrison (@harrisufc) November 10, 2018

However some of the replies on Twitter have pointed out a few inaccuracies.

Particularly, the name on the back of the shirt should be A.Becker, it should be short sleeved and other minor quibbles.

It’s as yet unclear as to the original source of the picture and where it was taken or, indeed, what the bloke was doing dressed like that.