A man was seen wearing a Barcelona shirt with number 4 Ramos on the back
(Image: JoJan)

PHOTO: Man seen wearing Barcelona shirt with number 4 Ramos on the back

Picture reportedly taken in Bangladesh.


when a Bangladeshi barca fan know that RAMOS is the best.#HalaMadrid pic.twitter.com/SYZTTj9FEM

— Shahadat (@Shahada20635466) November 22, 2018

A man has been spotted wearing a Barcelona shirt with the name and number of rival Real Madrid’s captain Sergio Ramos on the back.

This photo, said to have been taken somewhere in Bangladesh, features a fan who appears to be browsing products on a roadside market stall.

He’s very obviously wearing the distinct colours of Barcelona but would have caused passers-by to do a double take when they saw the reverse of the piece of kit.

The name Ramos has been lettered onto the replica shirt as well as his Real Madrid squad number, 4, above the Unicef logo.

The defender is currently in the news after recent allegations of doping violations, apparently left unpunished by UEFA.