A Leeds fan got a Marcelo Bielsa tattoo after spygate

PHOTO: Leeds fan gets Marcelo Bielsa tattoo after spying scandal

Large cartoon of manager on his right arm.



A Leeds United fan now has a large Marcelo Bielsa tattoo on his right forearm.

The Leeds manager recently revealed that he had been spying on all of his opponents and revealed detailed files on rival teams at an especially-organised press conference.

Cheers Lamby pic.twitter.com/sAvU3ebHux

— Graeme Bandeira (@GraemeBandeira) January 20, 2019

Following the spygate scandal, supporter Danny Binks got an inking of a Yorkshire Evening Post cartoon of the Argentinian coach standing on his bucket while looking through a pair of binoculars.

The 23-year-old from Pudsey said:

It is just brilliant and it made me laugh with everything that has been going on.

In the past I have struggled with depression and I like to do stuff which makes me happy.

Football, Football Manager, and Leeds United has helped.

That’s why I had it done.

I think he is the best thing to have happened to Leeds since Howard Wilkinson.

Let’s hope he gets us up.



— Graeme Bandeira (@GraemeBandeira) January 19, 2019

Despite a few haters, the Bielsa tattoo has generally been well received.

Newspaper cartoonist Graeme Bandeira is certainly pleased:


There has been some criticism from fellow and rival fans, however.

As well as a few mild-mannered jabs:

Are your shoelaces tied together? Would explain a few things.

— Socrates1882 (@Socrates1882) January 19, 2019