PHOTO: ‘Le Zlatan’ Ibrahimović burger in French restaurant

Check out the enormous Ibrahimović burger, "Le Zlatan", currently on the menu in Doddy's Cafe on the outskirts of Paris.

'Le Zlatan', the Ibrahimović burger on the menu at French restaurant
Ibrahimović… Burger (Image: Twitter/CNN International)

Check out the enormous Ibrahimović burger, Le Zlatan, currently on the menu in Doddy’s Cafe on the outskirts of Paris.

The “luxury” 600g beefburger has the “power and strength” of Paris Saint-Germain striker Zlatan Ibrahimović according to Doddy’s manager Jean-Phillipe Grandin.

Mail Online report:

Grandin told Le Parisien that the burger was a ‘cheese and taste character, just like Ibrahimovic’, and revealed that only seven people had managed to finish the treat so far.

The monster meal contains minced beef with onions, bacon, three types of cheese including cheddar, Emmental and Auvergne Blue all in the restaurant’s unique bun.

In case you want to take on ‘Le Zlatan’, be wary – the burger will set you back £25 (€29,90)

See the burger and its place on the menu below:

Un Zlatan Burger à 29,90 € ! Bon appétit ! #burgerquizz #TeamZlatan #zlatan #ibrahimovic pic.twitter.com/Q2xwP1l6P5

— Zlatan Ibrahimovic (@ProZlatan) September 7, 2013

… while CNN International released a bigger picture:

Which @PSG_inside football star has had this huge burger named after him? @ibra_official http://t.co/spodcCrclP pic.twitter.com/lX2W2rOdan

— CNN International (@cnni) October 2, 2013