PHOTO: Jordan Suárez banner at World Cup play-off v Uruguay

The Luis Suárez banner brought by Jordan fans to their World Cup play-off tie with Uruguay.

Jordan Suárez banner at World Cup play-off against Uruguay
Fame at last… Suárez on a Jordanian banner (Image: 101GG)

Aside from the 5 goals and the £55m forward, the highlight of yesterday’s World Cup play-off tie was the Jordan Suárez banner brought by fans of the Middle-Eastern kingdom to their clash with Uruguay.

The Uruguayans may have run away with a 5-0 victory, but the real winners were the Jordanian supporters and their wonderful Suárez banner.

Liverpool and Uruguay striker Luis Suárez made headlines around the world when he bit Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanović during a live televised Premier League game last season.

Apparently fearing the worst, the Jordan fans appeared to have resorted to creative measures in order to help their team overcome the South Americans and displayed a Suárez-based banner in the stands of their local Amman International Stadium in Amman itself, the capital of Jordan.

The reasonably large and professionally put-together creation featured a photo of the now infamous Suárez biting incident alongside a request of “Suarez, Don’t Bite!”, signed “Al-Nashama”.

It may just have done enough to distract the controversial biter, since he didn’t manage to get a goal and missed a great chance to open the scoring inside the first 5 minutes of the game but blasted his shot over.

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Photo spotted on 101GG