Is there a Celtic fan asleep amongst this lot?
(Image: Debbie Mc)

PHOTO: Celtic fan sleeps at 0-0 draw v Dundee, lies across four seats

Horizontal position suggests clear intent on getting a good snooze.

Can tell he's enjoying the game pic.twitter.com/trbFZzMC9c

— Marc Rennie (@Marrrc_95) March 2, 2016

It was no surprise to see a Celtic fan sleep during the goalless draw with Dundee, so boring was the game, but he didn’t just nod off sitting upright – this guy went fully horizontal.

Clearly intent on getting in a good snooze, the Celtic fan was pictured lying across four seats as the tedium unfolded on the pitch.

He didn’t even have to persuade anyone to clear space for him, since the match was so sparsely attended:

The Celtic faithful. Lol. pic.twitter.com/2EjFrpTye1

— Muzz (@MattMurray90) March 2, 2016

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