PHOTO: Children wear half-and-half Newcastle and Man Utd shirts at St James’ Park

Customised kits on display in amongst the home support.

Children wear half-and-half Newcastle United and Manchester United shirts at St James' Park
(Image: U.S. Air Force)

Jesus Christ. Due to their age we’ll give these two pipsqueaks a choice of punishment: a lifetime ban from watching all competitive football matches, or a lifetime of watching Newcastle United. #NEWMUN pic.twitter.com/oQERND9ZbX

— Kit Crimes ⚽️ (@KitCrimes) January 2, 2019

Two children were photographed wearing half-and-half Newcastle and Man Utd shirts at St James’ Park on Wednesday night.

Spotted in amongst the home support, the youngsters stood out from the crowd in their customised kits.

Only acceptable if your dad was George Best and your mum was Kevin Keegan.

— Angry Anderton (@AngryAnderton) January 3, 2019

It appears as if the same two shirts have been cut in half and then sewn together with the opposite one.

The result is the creation of a matching pair of half-and-half shirts, specifically for this fixture.

Lock the parents up immediately.

— Jack Richardson (@92_jackrich) January 3, 2019

The optimistic-looking duo will have gone home disappointed after a Newcastle suffered a 0-2 defeat at the hands of the visitors.

Or would they?

All I see is 2 happy kids watching football discovering enjoyment together without hatred!

— Billy Fuller (@mfuller4577) January 3, 2019