Excessive celebration got a ball boy sent off during Ballymena Utd v Coleraine

PHOTO: Ballymena ball boy sent off for excessive celebration

Escorted away by stewards after jubilant scenes in front of Coleraine coach William 'Winkie' Murphy.

Proof that the ballboy at Ballymena was sent off last night for excessively celebrating in front of Coleraine bench. Outstanding. pic.twitter.com/5rM6tUus2H

— Smitty (@Desmond_Funk) March 22, 2017

Here’s a photo from the Ballymena United v Coleraine match that saw a ball boy sent off for “excessively celebrating” a goal in front of the opposition bench.

The ball boy in question is shown here being escorted off the touchline having apparently expressed too much jubilation in front of Coleraine coach William ‘Winkie’ Murphy.

Johnny McMurray’s 78th minute equaliser prompted the scenes that ended up getting the ball boy sent off, but alas there is no video footage of the moment.

RED CARD – the ballboy has been sent off from the pitch for celebrating too hard in front of Winkie Murphy 😂😂😂

— Ballymena United FC (@BallymenaUnited) March 21, 2017

Incidentally, Irish League legend Winkie Murphy has been reported by the Sunday World to be at the centre of a blackmail plot involving a lewd photograph of him.