How to pick up Russian women
(Image: The Kremlin)

PHOTO: Argentine FA’s World Cup manual has guide on how to pick up Russian women

Subsequently deleted.



The Argentine Football Association’s cultural manual for this summer’s World Cup featured, and subsequently removed, a guide on how to pick up Russian women.

It translates into English as follows:

What to do to have a chance with a Russian girl

1. Russian girls like any others pay a lot of attention to whether you’re clean, smell good and dress nicely. The first impression is very important to them, so pay extra attention to your image.

2. Russian girls don’t like to be seen as objects. Many men, because Russian girls are very pretty, just want to take them to bed. Maybe they want it too, but they’re people who want to feel important and unique. The advice is to treat the woman in front of you as someone with value, with her own ideas and desires. Pay attention to her values and personality. Don’t ask stupid questions about sex. To Russians, sex is something very private and it’s not discussed in public (maybe you don’t believe me, but I know men who do it).

3. Russian girls hate boring men. If you don’t have subjects to chat about, if you’re just thinking about what to say next, then you won’t be enjoying the moment since you’re disconnected from her. Remember, you’re a foreigner and you can talk about your country, how you live, or about the interesting things you’ve seen in her country. Remember it’s very important to invite her to participate actively in your conversation. Speak to her in a very honest way.

4. Don’t be negative. Women avoid people who only see negative things, in work, in relationships and in life.

5. Don’t ask the typical questions, be original, normally they like to know about you, so give some information about yourself. Remember many of them don’t know about your country, so you have an advantage over Russian men, you are new and different. Have confidence in yourself.