PARTY VIDEO: Andy Carroll in Las Vegas

Andy Carroll in Las Vegas, clubbing just 36 hours before his medical at West Ham
Carroll had already found a new club (Image: YouTube/Jeffrey Molloy)

Watch reputable lad Andy Carroll in Las Vegas as he parties hard just 36 hours before his medical at West Ham, captured on a video acquired by the Sunday People.

Little over a day before hopefully completing his £15m move from Newcastle to the London club, England international Carroll is seen dancing on a podium at 4am in a club in the Nevada desert while earnestly waving a glow stick.

The big striker is then handed a foam/smoke gun of sorts and proceeds to spray that about the room, before getting further involved by dressing up in an enormous costume resembling what appears to be, according to general consensus, a chipmunk.

Carroll is also sprayed with bottles of Champagne as football’s favourite tune, Harlem Shake, is blasted out from the sound system.

All this apparently took place just 36 hours before his scheduled medical at West Ham United, the final part of his particularly drawn-out transfer.

Watch the party video of Andy Carroll in Las Vegas below:

Thankfully former England star Jimmy Greaves, writing for Mirror Online, doesn’t think all this will be too much of a problem:

Because there was a time when you’d have failed a medical at West Ham if they found out there was NO alcohol in your bloodstream.

Not that new signings had to undergo any sort of medical at English clubs in my playing days.

At least we were responsible drinkers down at West Ham.

… but just to clarify:

Let’s get one thing straight: Even at the height of my drinking, I never dressed up as a giant chipmunk while sipping champagne in a Las Vegas nightspot.

Nor did I climb on the shoulders of a fellow party-goer, bare-chested and in a Superman cape while firing a smoke gun.

Spotted on Mirror Online/Sunday People