Palace fan starts Benteke ban petition, calls for Liverpool points deduction

Claims striker dived to win stoppage-time penalty in Liverpool's 2-1 win.

A Crystal Palace fan has started a Benteke ban petition that also calls for a Liverpool points deduction following his alleged dive
SIGNED: Petition (Image: LWVC)

After his supposed ‘dive’ to win a stoppage-time penalty in Liverpool’s controversial 2-1 win at Crystal Palace on Sunday, one home supporter has taken matters into his own hands and started a Benteke ban petition.

The fan is demanding that the striker be suspended “for a number of games” and “6 points at a minimum” is deducted from the club’s Premier League points total.

The document calls for the “Football Assosiation [sic]” to:

Ban Christian Benteke and deduct 6 points from Liverpool FC for condoning simulation.

With over 800 signatures at time of writing, the change.org Benteke ban petition claims:

During the Premier League game on Sunday 6th March 2016 between Crystal Palace and Liverpool in the 94th minute Liverpool player Christian Benteke DIVED to con the refereeing officials to award Liverpool with a penalty which subsequently won them the game.

According to the football association or “FA” diving or “simulation” is against the rules.

We, fans of Crystal Palace, demand that the FA look into this decision and if found that Christian Benteke did simulate contact he should be banned for a number of games and Liverpool Football Club “LFC” to be fined 6 points at a minimum.

We understand that the result of the game cannot be changed but the FA need to come down on this sort of behaviour.