Mario Balotelli on the prospect of a move to Barcelona: “I do not play with girls”

Mario Balotelli, who told an Italian magazine "I do not play with girls" when asked about the prospect of ever playing for Barcelona
Mario Balotelli… Doesn’t play with girls (Image: Utente Vittodav)

Mario Balotelli may still be a little sore from Italy’s loss to Spain in the Euro 2012 final. During a recent interview with an Italian magazine, when asked about the possibility of ever playing for Barcelona, the Burp institution replied:

“Play for the club? I do not play with girls.”

This comment has enraged Catalan newspaper Sport and its readers.

The SPORT.es article, features an image picturing Balotelli having a somewhat frustrated moment while playing for Manchester City, alongside a caption that Google beautifully translates as:

Balotelli laments like a girl

The piece is proving to be one of the website’s more popular articles which, at time of writing, had already gathered more than one hundred angry comments, five hundred seemingly similarly motivated tweets and four hundred possibly misjudged Facebook “likes”.