Mansfield Town clairvoyant event cancelled “due to unforeseen circumstances”

Didn't see this one coming.

A Mansfield Town clairvoyant event was cancelled "due to unforeseen circumstances"
The late cancellation was unfortunate as the club had already decorated the stadium entrance (Image: Don Gunn)

See the remarkable tweets as a Mansfield Town clairvoyant event is cancelled “due to unforeseen circumstances” according to a statement on the club’s Twitter account.

Apparently Trisha was scheduled to feature in Field Mill’s Kevin Bird Suite on Thursday night, but will now no longer be appearing and a refund has been offered to those who bought tickets in advance.

Attendance at the evening was said to have cost £17 per head, with that price including a free chip butty.

EVENTS NEWS: Due to unforeseen circumstances, clairvoyant Trisha will not be appearing in the Kevin Bird Suite tomorrow night.

— Mansfield Town FC (@mansfieldtownfc) September 14, 2016

A full refund is available from our ticket office at One Call Stadium for those who had pre-purchased tickets.

— Mansfield Town FC (@mansfieldtownfc) September 14, 2016

The announcement, set to disappoint existing ticket-holders for the Mansfield Town clairvoyant night, was greeted with amazement on the social network:

@mansfieldtownfc Got my refund yesterday thanks, I could see this coming.

— Richard Mullen (@Mullen103) September 14, 2016

@gateacreblue22 "Is there anyone in here called John?"

— Phil McNulty (@philmcnulty) September 14, 2016