Manager Ricardo La Volpe trips opponent during Mexican match
(Image: YouTube/Univision Deportes)

VIDEO: Manager sent off for tackling opposition player in Mexican match

Chain-smoker Ricardo La Volpe trips Jesús Sánchez during Chivas v Club América.


Watch the moment a manager was sent off for tackling an opposition player in the Mexican Súper Clásico between Chivas and Club América.

Club América boss Ricardo La Volpe casually entered the field of play to trip Chivas right-back Jesús Sánchez – and, as shown by the replay beginning around the 1 minute 20 mark, the trip was entirely deliberate.

Despite La Volpe’s protestations that the ball was out of play, which it clearly wasn’t, he was shown the red card and can probably expect a fine.

You can see another angle of the incident here:

Ayer, en el clásico entre Chivas y América, La Volpe fue expulsado por esto: pic.twitter.com/TtHvQ5TKSj

— Jeremías (@Jerebeam) February 19, 2017

La Volpe was a World Cup winning goalkeeper for Argentina and he managed Mexico at the 2006 tournament, receiving an official warning from FIFA for chain-smoking on the touchline against Iran.

Despite initially asserting that he’d “rather give up football than smoking”, La Volpe relented.