Liverpool flag stolen and later returned by Manchester United fans
(Image: Twitter/nathan jeffrey)

Man Utd fans take Liverpool supporter’s flag from his house but then return it

One case to close the book on.



Manchester United supporters stole a rival fan’s Liverpool flag from the outside of his house, only to then return it two hours later.

Nathan Jeffrey had proudly shared a photo of a flag he’d hung on display at his home reading “allez les Rouges”, which means “come on Reds” in French.


He then appealed to Twitter for help when the flag went missing – and it turned out to have been taken by Red Devils fans, who posed with it holding it upside down.

A couple of hours later they returned the flag safe and sound, with Nathan once again taking to the social media platform to confirm the happy resolution.


Liverpool take on Tottenham Hotspur in an all-English Champions League final in Madrid on Saturday.