Jamie Carragher shared a random phone number that turned out to belong to a Newcastle United fan
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Man inundated with calls and messages after pundit Jamie Carragher shares ‘random’ phone number

Turns out to belong to a Newcastle fan.


Newcastle United fan Scott Forsyth was bombarded with calls and messages after Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher tweeted a supposedly random phone number.

The former Liverpool defender was amused to hear that his TV colleague Gary Neville had missed a sitter during a Man Utd vs Bayern Munich legends match on Sunday.

So @Carra23 decided to put my number on twitter. Not big, and not clever. Phone, text, WhatsApp messages and WhatsApp calls are over 20k. He's removed the tweet, not before some news outlets got it and shared the tweet, including my number.

— Scotty (@scottyf82) May 26, 2019

He jokingly urged people to send him videos of the miss as he was on holiday in Turkey, even supplying a number that many clearly assumed was genuine.

As it happens, it was a real number – but it wasn’t Carragher’s.

If it ever stops, I may publish some of the texts on here

— Scotty (@scottyf82) May 26, 2019

In fact, it belonged to Magpies fan Scott, 37, who was then inundated with phone calls and a whopping 54,000 WhatsApp messages.

Speaking to Chronicle Live, Scott said:

At 5.18pm he tweeted it – since 5.19pm my phone hasn’t stopped once.

I did two interviews with the BBC today about it, and had about 40 calls alone during those.

Been recovering some furniture for the stepdaughters new dining table. Me and @suzannebias1 have been answering the phone. Just to answer most the fuckers… WE CANNOT GET YOU CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL TICKETS

— Scotty (@scottyf82) May 26, 2019

He continued:

My phone battery usually lasts me a day and a half – yesterday, I had to charge it three times.

My lass says you probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than picking a number at random.


He also revealed that he wasn’t a fan of Carragher’s to start with:

I stopped watching Monday Night Football when he became a pundit, as you couldn’t understand a word he said.

And he really went down in my estimation after he spat on that child.

That would help https://t.co/kozvYAqPL6

— Scotty (@scottyf82) May 26, 2019