Malmö fan wearing pig mask and police vest faces prison for impersonating police officer

Arrested and interrogated after protesting against the police.

A Malmö fan wearing pig mask and police vest who has been threatened with prison for impersonating a police officer might look like this in jail
How the fan might look in jail (Image: Justin Norman)

A Malmö fan wearing a pig mask and a fluorescent police vest at their match against Falkenberg on Monday has been threatened with time in prison for impersonating a police officer.

Relations between Malmö supporters and the local police force are at an all-time low following numerous raids on the homes of alleged mischief-makers after trouble during a friendly clash with Brøndby in February.

The Allsvenskan game, that focused on the club’s disabled fans, saw the side’s ultras unfurl a banner before kick-off that translated to:

Unsolved murders are not present. In Malmö supporters are criminals. Solidarity with the disabled. Freedom for Ultras.

At the same time, the Malmö fan wearing a pig mask and police vest lit a flare and is said to have been subsequently arrested and interrogated by the authorities that night.

Jonatan Holst, Press Secretary to Minister of Justice and Migration Morgan Johansson, told the media that if you are wearing the uniform and give the impression of belonging to the force then it is illegal.

According to a reportedly controversial and hotly-debated law in the country, the man could face up to six months imprisonment for the offence.

You can watch highlights of the game below:

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