Luis Suárez celebrates his goal against Chelsea and looks lonely without team-mates
So lonely...

Luis Suárez celebrates goal against Chelsea, looks lonely without team-mates


Animation of Luis Suárez celebrating his goal against Chelsea and looking lonely without his team-mates

Imagine you’re the top striker at your club and you’ve just scored against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, you’ve even managed to injury John Terry. You want to celebrate with your team-mates, right? Maybe do a little dance?

Luis Suárez seemed mightily disappointed to turn around after running off to celebrate his goal at the weekend, only to see metres of empty pitch stretch out in front of him.

Not a team-mate in sight, the controversial striker looks a bit downhearted.

But only momentarily! Who needs them? A quick fist pump and Luis Suárez is ready to go again.

With rumours abound of a half-time bust-up in the Liverpool changing room, perhaps this is all the corroborating evidence you need.