LISTEN: Mourinho swears at Martínez for ruining travel plans

"F***ing hell," says exasperated - and thoroughly beaten - Chelsea boss.

Roberto Martínez was sworn at by  José Mourinho
SWORN AT: Martínez (Image: David Brant)

Listen as José Mourinho swears at Roberto Martínez following Everton’s 3-1 win over Chelsea at Goodison Park on Saturday. The reason? Scuppered travel plans.

Tensions between the two had been simmering throughout the summer over Chelsea’s pursuit of John Stones, and they were clearly brought to a head when Toffees boss Martínez spoke to the press before him.

It is apparently customary to allow the away team’s manager to go first so they can get away quicker, a courtesy that Martínez appears to have denied Mourinho on this occasion.

“Roberto, next time tell me go before you as we have to travel,” Mourinho can be heard to say, prompting a retort from Martínez of, “We don’t control that, José, I don’t control that.”

Mourinho’s curt “f***ing hell” may be bleeped out here, but the exchange ends with an amusing observation from Martínez regarding his counterpart’s conduct after last season’s fixture, which Chelsea won 6-3.