Joleon ­Lescott lets Lemsip use slip

Manchester City's Joleon Lescott, the Lemsip Lover
Lemsip Lover Lescott (Image based on work by Roger Goraczniak)

England international Joleon ­Lescott set hearts racing among Manchester City staff on Tuesday afternoon as he tweeted about his man flu. The City defender absent-mindedly mentioned that he was going to be relying on chicken soup and the dreaded Lemsip to aid his bid for recovery.

Lemsip can contain banned ingredients though and footballers face possible lengthy suspensions as punishment if these substances are used. Some of Lescott’s followers mentioned this and the player was concerned enough to contact the club doctor.

­Lescott later tweeted that he apparently hadn’t taken the Lemsip after all and revealed that he’d already been contacted by a quick-witted journalist about the issue.

According to reports, the FA last night urged all players to contact club doctors before taking any medication.

See how the story unfolded below:

I get back fit, then I get a cold and no it’s not #manflu ladies, lol. Chicken soup and lemsip for 48hrs and I will be fine.

— Joleon Lescott (@JoleonLescott) April 3, 2012

Gonna check the lemsip with the club Doc a lot of you have got me worried

— Joleon Lescott (@JoleonLescott) April 3, 2012

Don’t worry I didn’t have the lemsip so the journalist who contacted the FA to see if I was banned cause of drug use need not worry.

— Joleon Lescott (@JoleonLescott) April 3, 2012

Last tweet wasn’t a joke that happened today I just got a call from the club. Must admit it had me laughing tho

— Joleon Lescott (@JoleonLescott) April 3, 2012