Joey Barton Benayoun bust-up breaks out over Gaza

Ongoing Middle East conflict divides former QPR teammates.

Joey Barton Benayoun bust-up participant Joey Barton
Barton was said to be “mightily peeved” not to have been considered as Paxman’s successor

Yes, a Joey Barton Benayoun bust-up – catchy, isn’t it? – has unfortunately broken out over the tragically ongoing Middle East crisis.

Queens Park Rangers midfielder Barton has been whatever-the-Twitter-equivalent-of-‘vocal’-is in his condemnation of Israeli attacks on Gaza, specifically the civilian children casualties that have resulted from them.

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This led to a no-doubt-heated debate with former QPR teammate Yossi Benayoun, who recently became Israel’s most capped player – but nothing yet to have seriously rocked the boat of their bond…

I have spoken to @YossiBenayoun15 multiple times over the course of the day. We disagree on certain things but our friendship remains.

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) July 25, 2014

Barton continued to pepper his Twitter account with messages of protest and empathy, but he felt the need to issue a rare apology for the profanity contained within the following tweet (sensitive readers look away now)…

To kill innocent kids in the name of some deity from a fictional book is pretty fucking dumb. #StopKillingChildrenInGaza

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) August 1, 2014

In explaining away his potty mouth, Barton referred to the analogy for UKIP he proffered while a panelist on Question Time earlier this year: “If I’m somewhere and there was four really ugly girls, I’m thinking she’s not the worst.”

I have a habit of using inappropriate terminology to ruin a good point. #fouruglygirls

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) August 1, 2014

Notice how keen he is to stress that it was a good point.

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The Joey Barton Benayoun bust-up was still yet to truly flare-up, with Barton availing of the calm before the storm by issuing his verdict on the summer’s shrewdest transfer activity…

Rakitic or Rodriguez? Suarez or Lukaku? Best signings of the summer? http://t.co/JrwU3ycEhq

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) August 2, 2014

This morning, Barton took Benayoun to task on his persistent retweeting of Jewish-Irish-Yemeni-Israeli (!) columnist Becky Griffin

@YossiBenayoun15 you really shouldn't retweet silly Pro-Israeli, Americanised sports hacks to attempt to validate child murder.

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) August 4, 2014

Griffin got wind of this and hit back at Barton, with Benayoun once again on hand to retweet…

Once again, @Joey7Barton proves he doesn't get what's going on, and is possibly the world's biggest ex-convict-fool. pic.twitter.com/Uf6ZuD18vg

— Becky Griffin (@dorothyofisrael) August 1, 2014

Barton was a trifle miffed with Benayoun’s indirect approach…

@YossiBenayoun15 at least have the gumption to offend me yourself, hiding behind others makes me think you're a whiny little bitch…

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) August 4, 2014

@YossiBenayoun15 you have my number. Be a man and use it if you're not happy about something. Don't be a keyboard warrior, it dosen't suit u

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) August 4, 2014

Former Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and West Ham United midfielder Benayoun then had this to say…

@Joey7Barton Why I'm not surprise about your 'lovely' words? I have no intention to argue with you on twitter ..

— Yossi Benayoun (@YossiBenayoun15) August 4, 2014

@Joey7Barton what I had to tell you I told you already the other day on the phone..I'm not looking to get more followers ..

— Yossi Benayoun (@YossiBenayoun15) August 4, 2014

@Joey7Barton I love my country I'm very proud to be an Israeli and like all of us I want peace and wishing for a good and quiet life

— Yossi Benayoun (@YossiBenayoun15) August 4, 2014

@Joey7Barton for all the people in Israel and the people in Gaza!!

— Yossi Benayoun (@YossiBenayoun15) August 4, 2014

@Joey7Barton no one want that any civilians from both side get hurt but unfortunately we are fighting against terror organization !

— Yossi Benayoun (@YossiBenayoun15) August 4, 2014

@Joey7Barton and we must defend our lovely country!! I wish u all the best for this season and warm regards to your family.

— Yossi Benayoun (@YossiBenayoun15) August 4, 2014

Barton appeared to close the matter with this…

Don't want to get drawn into a public slagging match. It helps nobody. Off to training. Have a good day x

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) August 4, 2014

…but the row must have played on his mind during training, because a couple of hours later he came back with this…

@YossiBenayoun15 when you RT some idiot who is abusing me for my opinion, you cannot and should not expect pleasantries…

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) August 4, 2014

@YossiBenayoun15 Your 'beautiful' country is killing on average 1 innocent child every hour! As a father who can you condone that?

— Joseph Barton (@Joey7Barton) August 4, 2014

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